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by on October 12, 2012

The web has made this an exciting time to be a teacher. We love to provide clients with links to quality resources that support teaching and learning. Below are some of our favorite cool ideas, classroom tools, awesome student work and more. Use, share, and come back for updates!

Teaching, Learning, and School Redesign

Larry Ferlazzo’s best of the web
Larry Publishes a daily list of cool tools, products, research, and has 900 “Best of Lists” – curated lists of websites (that he has personally vetted) on every aspect of teaching and learning. An absolute must; subscribe now.

CASN – Career Academy Support Network
An incredible collection of tools for building small learning communities and academies. A wealth of information for California schools but applicable to all efforts to organize SLCs and create rigorous CTE courses that meet University of California A-G requirements. And the “College Knowledge” section is a gold mine for schools working on creating a college-going culture.

Student Voice

What Kids Can Do
Barbara Cervone and Kathleen Cushman created this exceptional set of student interviews, videos, funded research projects, publications, processes and collections about American High School life and beyond. This site will help you “make your case” for change.

Success at the Center
An excellent collection of video resources of teachers sharing best instructional practices. Many of the strategies can be applied to both High School and upper elementary as well.

Edutopia (George Lucas Foundation)
An excellent collection of video exemplars of project-based learning at all levels with a particularly rich collection of elementary projects and work.

Classroom Tools

Poll everywhere
Great classroom tool that uses student phones to check for understanding, poll opinions, create an in-class “twitter-like” feed and more. No cost and terrific applications for classroom and exhibition questions.

Get The Math
Great site that demonstrates real-world application of algebra concepts. Lesson plans for each unit. Great site for relevance of Algebra.


Kapa’a High School, Kauai, Hawaii

Kapa’a High School is a Federal Small Learning Community site and a member of a six-school consortium working together on whole-school redesign. Kapa’a’s leadership (Daniel Hamata, Principal and Lisa Miriles, SLC Coordinator) facilitated a collaborative process to develop SLC teams at the ninth grade and then move into 3-year Academies. All notes, PD, materials, research, conversations, results/data are recorded on the blog, making the work transparent to teachers, students and the community as well as facilitating communication and education of all stakeholders.

Educational Policy Improvement Center
College and Career Ready, an operational definition. Dave Conley and his talented team at EPIC have created a framework by which schools can measure how they produce kids ready for both careers AND college, including tools and performance tasks that align with both academic preparation and the Common Core. The first link is to Dave Conley’s monograph – a great read that can help you build a plan. The second link is to the EPIC site, highlighting some of Conley’s recent presentations that give us THE MAP for what this means for teaching and learning. Find more at

Videos of Note
Elementary student performing first inquiries experiment with a Rube Goldberg machine. Priceless.
Ken Robinson reminds us about the true paradigm shift from an industrialized economy to a knowledge-based global world—and what we need to do to produce 21st century graduates who are flexible thinkers, hard workers and literate citizens.
Sam Seidel has written a great book, Hip-Hop Genius, which explores the exploding genre/pedagogy of Hip-Hop Learning. Who knew? Sam explores the roots, scholarship, relevancy and opportunities of Hip-Hop Learning. Sam profiles the High School of the Recording Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota and the use of urban arts as the vehicle that turns students on to becoming learners, producers and artists. This RSA animate is a quick overview of the book.

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