Swanson & Cosgrave Consulting

Swanson & Cosgrave Consulting, LLC is an educational consulting firm committed to helping educators create high-achieving and equitable high schools that feature the best practices in school design and instruction. We are a consulting team that brings an array of experience and skills to client partners that range from small charter schools to large urban districts and national high school reform organizations.

What We Believe

Our beliefs about teaching, learning, and professional growth are shaped by over 50 years of combined experience as classroom teachers and professional development providers.

We believe that…

  • All students can achieve at high levels.
  • All teachers can learn to design and deliver highly effective instruction.
  • Effective school and district leadership involves tangibly supporting student learning.
  • The best learning experiences look more like the real world than school.
  • Professional learning—like all learning—works best when it is customized, applied, and sustained.

What We Do

Our expertise covers a wide swath of the high school reform universe. In our work with schools, districts, and educational organizations, we often:

  • Partner with schools and communities to design engaging new small school and pathway programs.
  • Develop and deliver customized workshops on topics such as Project-Based Learning, developing teaching teams, and effective assessment.
  • Coach teachers and school leaders to improve their student learning results.
  • Design and write documents and tools to help educators learn new skills and organize their work.

In all of these areas, we maintain a firm commitment to:

  • Capacity Building – We only succeed if you wind up being better at what you do.
  • Customization – We design our solutions to meet your unique needs. Cookie cutters are for baking.
  • Collaboration – If we can’t provide the solution, we’re tenacious about finding someone who can.